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Video: Finding Your Bright Self

By: Clare Birtles - Updated: 20 Oct 2012 | comments*Discuss

Video Transcript

Hi I'm Jack Stewart from Organisational Healing on behalf of HypnosisExpert.co.uk I'm going to show you how I use NLP Neuro Linguistic Programming to help a client discover a incredible secret about themselves and a very powerful resource that will help them through out the rest of their lives.

O.k. Steven, now this is a fascinating process called a bright self and you are about to discover that you have always had this, it may have manifested itself in this way but by doing this with you and getting this from you, you will find that you can access this almost from demand.

'This process, which can't be found in any book, was discovered by Jack's Colleague Mike Warren it's called 'The Bright Self ' and is a wonderful way to get someone to realize they have tremendous hidden power and it is never to late to use it.'

So what I would like you to do is take your mind back to when you where a young lad, and by young it can be any 4,5,6, I want you to think of a time when you were thinking about what you wanted to become in life, what you dreamed of becoming and you don't even have to tell me what it is, but I just want you to imagine seeing the adult Steven through the eyes of the child doing something you feel really good about, just tell me when you have that.

Ok, now this varies from client to client but I'm just going to ask you when you look at yourself this image of yourself roughly how far away is he now.

Just see yourself now threw the eyes of the child concurring the world doing something incredible, how far away in space is that image of yourself?

Steven: About 5 feet!

Now is he to the left or the right of you, or the middle?

Steven: He is in the middle!

Great, now lets just see if this works is he on the same plane as you? Or is he slightly up or down?

Steven: Slightly up!

'Jack has done this with hundreds of people there are slight variations but for most people it is in the same place. There is no right or wrong.'

I just want you to look at him now and as you allow him to move around, whether he moves closer, further away, left or right, up or down It doesn't matter it will happen automatically just want him to get brighter and more compelling. Just allow that to happen, see what happens.

Now what do you think he might be capable of?

Steven: As far as me now, it is giving me something to aim for perhaps.

O.k. well your going to surprise yourself, because in a moment I am going to ask you mentally go and become that bright self and you will be amazed at what you think you will be capable of.

So just mentally now, you can close your eyes it's up to you, just mentally float yourself over into that bright Steven so you are looking back on yourself just fully absorb, allow yourself to become that bright Steven and what do you feel capable of now?

Steven: I just think now that what where hard might actually be quite easy, might not have to worry about some of the things I used to worry about!

Just strengthen that position just be your bright self, just make yourself bigger, just really let the energy flow threw you. Make yourself bigger and brighter and just allow yourself to get the position where you think you can be anything. Tell me when you have that? Have you got that?

Steven: Yes!

So you know when ever you step into this space you can do anything, fantastic so at the moment I am going to tell you to return back to your former position but before I do that I just want you to be aware that all you need to do to access the bright self is to do what you have just done and as you do you can step into that space and absorb this incredible power and what you will notice, as you develop and grow he will and he is always that fraction ahead of you.

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