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Video: NLP-Getting What You Want

By: Clare Birtles - Updated: 22 Oct 2012 | comments*Discuss

Video Transcript

Hi I'm Jack Stewart from Organisational Healing and on behalf of HypnosisExpert.co.uk I am going to show you how I use Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) to help a client get what they want.

So Annie tell me what you want?

Annie: I'd like some patience,

'By Annie describing the outcome in at least three senses, it becomes real.'

Now this is probably the first time you have been asked this, but there is an expression go behind your eyes, so when you are patient what will you see internally? What will you feel? What will you hear yourself saying? What will you hear others saying?

Annie: Well I have tried the count to ten, and I do deep breathing as well which kind of keeps everything calm.

'Annie needs to give it a context, to make it even more real.'

Annie: That's where the impatience comes.

Now just imagine that you are patient because you are the patience person on the odd occasion that will increase, but just think of being patient now. What images do you see internally when you are impatient?

Annie: I don't know really I don't really see anything.

What do you feel like?

Annie: Just calm!

And where about in your body is that calmness?

Annie: In my stomach!

And is it warm?

Annie: Yes it is

Do you hear any voices or sounds when you are patient?

Annie; no not really I am aware of my own breathing.

So you are aware, ok great and if there was an image that came into your head now what would it look like?

Annie: An image?

Or a colour maybe?

Annie; I think the sea is my calmness.

The sea? So if you could see the sea in addition to the calm feeling.

Annie: Even though the see could be really rough it would still keep me calm.

Fascinating, but it would be even stronger if it was calm.

Annie; Yes it would be.

So when, where and who would you want this? You mentioned this a bit before.

Annie: One my partner, and maybe my children as they see it with my partner, me losing patience with my partner and sometimes the impatience goes across to the children.

Does it so if you where calm and patient at home that would spread across other areas of your life?

'The next question confirms if Annie wanted the outcome, it strengthens her commitment to getting it.'

So what will happen if you are able to be patient at any time of you choosing?

Annie: I don't know really, I just feel that my family would enjoy me a lot better.

This is where is can get rid of any false modesty, think of any particular qualities that you have that will enable you to get this patience on a on going way.

'By asking Annie to list her personal strengths or qualities she realizes that the outcome may actually be within her grasp.'

Annie: I have a very strong love when I do love, I love my children so that is a big reason for, happy and smiling my daughter always describes me as being happy and smiling and that is how she describes me to her teachers.

'The next question may reveal why Annie has come for help and at this point she knows that she can change.'

So what stops you from being patient now?

Annie; I think trying to do everything on my own and then I become tired, tiredness doesn't help patience I think.

'The next question takes Annie to a place after she has got her outcome.'

So what will having patience do for you?

Annie: I don't know it will keep me calm and happier and it will take away those little guilt moments that I have after of the children that I have handled that the wrong way. 'Now all we need id Annie's commitment to action.'

So by becoming patient you will become calm, happier, take away any guilt moments you will be able to handle things and as you said earlier your family would be able to enjoy you a lot more. What will be your first step to become patient in an ongoing way?

Annie; My first step? Well I do try the count to ten.

So you have got that already? Deep breathing and counting to ten.

Annie: Maybe close my eyes and see if I could see the sea?

Fantastic! So you are well on your way, well Annie thanks a lot.

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