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Hypnosis to Stop a Person Lying and Cheating?

By: Anna Martin - Updated: 9 Apr 2016 | comments*Discuss
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I need to create a script to help a gentleman who wants to stop lying and cheating in order to save his marriage. He reports that he has always lied for what reason he himself cannot answer, but now as he says he's at risk of losing everything but he just can not stop himself.

Any advice?

(J.M, 28 March 2009)


A person can only stop lying or cheating if they are prepared to admit they have a problem. If they are unable to accept that their behaviour is unacceptable to other people, they will be unable to take steps towards identifying the problem and working towards finding a suitable solution. If this is therefore your problem getting clear about the positive changes you want to make will encourage you to change your dishonest habits. If however, this issue relates to someone else getting them to admit that they are a compulsive liar may use up a great deal of your time, effort and energy.

Breaking The Habit

Anything we do consistently over a period of time becomes habitual, and can impact on many areas of your life. The problem is that we will generally accept our new behaviour as acceptable until we discover that it has damaged trust and respect. In a marriage compulsive lying naturally creates distrust between spouses, which may result in the breakdown of communication and the marriage itself. Being able to take full responsibility for you own actions therefore is the key to breaking any serious habit.

Identifying Causes

Compulsive liars generally create a make-believe world that impacts on all areas of their lives. This may stem from personal low self-esteem and confidence issues, limiting beliefs and any number of other negative patterns that have been accepted over time. Identifying the root cause and triggers will therefore help you create a structure of support for an individual who needs to work through issues relating to personal responsibility and self-awareness.

Creating The Ideal Script

A good hypnosis script will include positive affirmations that encourage the client to accept that their issues can be shaped to allow for growth and change. Hypnosis can be successfully used to break habitual behaviour patterns by firstly explaining what the particular behaviour is and how it impacts on situations and relationships. Once a client is able to understand the ways in which a behaviour is destructive they will become open to gaining a foothold on the ladder to creating change.

New ideas can then be implanted so that hypnosis becomes a supportive means of reshaping the behaviour. Creating new, positive, behaviour patterns will then be possible.

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You're pass history made a bad habit to cause a routine of misbehavingand mistreating the ones you care about ,and aside of that, that's when you can't keep focus on yourself .All yourdoingis misleading your self in you're own confirms ondesire .you have to set boundaries upon your own promises especially in threw it out. Just make you're bases and set your self with rewards to challenge. Than you trained you're thoughts.by the time you knowyourproblem willbe resolved.
ST?RLA - 9-Apr-16 @ 6:27 AM
i know this is years late, but I pray you were able to rescue your life. I have done the same. Self shame and low self esteem played some part in my becoming this way. The shame and self hatred are killing me, and I'm losing my family right now. I'm so scared and I need to fix myself.
dmore77 - 9-May-15 @ 2:38 AM
i have lied to my wife for 15 years .in the last few months i have been worse i have treated her like a mug i have given her years of mental abuse to the point that i think i have made her think she is going crazy i never talk to her i call her evil names i need to stop this now i have lied my whole life 30 years i can't go on any more my wife and family are my life and i don't know how to get them back as i feel that what i have done over the last few weeks is inexcusabel i feel embarresd and ashamed of my behaviour my wife is the nicest person in the world and by my lying i have broken her please help me please
lovemywifetobits - 26-Nov-11 @ 2:49 PM
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